The eyes are the most distinctive feature of a person, and beautiful eyes add to a person’s good looks. Lord Narayana is undoubtedly handsome, but even with regard to the Lord, it is His eyes that stand out, Akkarakkani Srinidhi said in a discourse. He is addressed by names such as Pundareekaksha, indicating that His eyes are like lotuses. The merciful, gentle look in His eyes adds to their appeal.

In the Ramayana, Sabari waited for Lord Rama’s arrival, of which she had been told by her Acharya Matanga. She told the Lord that she had been waiting for Him, for she had been told that she was to serve Him when He arrived. She served the Lord fruits gathered in the forest, and He partook of what was served gladly. He then blessed her with His eyes. In fact, Sabari herself told Rama that she was blessed, because she had been seen by His kind eyes. Having served Him, she now wished to depart from the earth.

During the Krishna avatara, the Lord asked some sages, who were performing yagas, to give Him some food. But the sages foolishly refused, not recognising that He is the Lord of everything and everyone. But their wives were wiser. Recognising that Lord Krishna was the incarnation of the Supreme One, they took the food, cooked especially for the yagas, to Krishna and offered Him the food. It is said the Lord, pleased at their devotion, blessed them with His eyes. Another instance of the Lord blessing with His eyes happened again during the Krishna avatara,when He blessed Vidura.

There used to be a wrestler obsessed with the beauty of his wife’s eyes. His name was Dhanur Dasar or Pillai Urangavilli Dasar. Ramanujacharya asked him if he would stop being so obsessed with his wife’s eyes, if he showed him a pair of eyes more beautiful. The Acharya then showed Pillai Urangavilli Dasar the eyes of Lord Ranganatha of Srirangam, and Pillai Urangavilli Dasar realised that there was nothing to equal the beauty of the Lord’s eyes.

The Lord’s eyes are stretch almost up to His ears. Thirupanazhavar describes even the little red lines in Lord Ranganatha’s eyes as captivating. What makes His eyes so enchanting is the look of mercy that we see in them.