As bound Jivatmas (Bhadha Jiva) we have to cross the ocean of Samsara. Scriptures which expound the philosophy underlying the metaphysical nature of life and existence reiterate that liberation is to get freed from the cycle of birth. Birth entails life on this earth for a brief period and human birth gives one a chance to strive for the ultimate goal. The path shown by scriptures is that of surrender at the feet of the Supreme Brahman who, as the sole master of the universe is the bestower of boons and the giver of liberation, said Swami Bhudhidananda in a lecture.

These are unique privileges He alone is capable of. The Lord is the repository of all auspicious qualities and without blemish always. The Lord’s incarnations are for the benefit of the Jivatma to understand the purpose of life.

Souls are numerous but are eternal and indestructible, and basically the essence of consciousness and bliss. But the true nature of the soul is hidden to the Jivatma when it is in embodied form. The bound Jivatma is not able to recognise its greatness and continues to be entangled in Samsara without knowing or endeavouring to get released from the bondage. There are liberated souls (Muktatmas) who were once bound but surrendered and have become released. The eternal souls (Nityatmas) are the Nityasuris who are always in God's presence.

A Jivatma should first understand the fact that the soul is to be taken care of and that the temporary body should be utilised for the benefit of the soul. When the Jivatma performs surrender at the feet of the Lord, the Jivatma offers both the body and the soul to the Lord.

This act of surrender done with all sincerity instils in the Jivatma the bhava of owing allegiance to the Lord. He becomes sensitive about his behaviour and is careful not to displease God in any way and always act in a way that will be acceptable to Him. This thought and knowledge helps one to be with Him at all times. There is no chance to swerve or stray from the goal of liberation. Lord Krishna promises to liberate those who surrender at His feet.