CHENNAI: Even as the scriptures contain the philosophical import of the Supreme Being's all encompassing magnificence that sages strove to realise through austere penance, the hymns of Azhwars, considered to be the authentic experiential descriptions of their intense inner realisation of His multi-faceted glory, reveal the path to liberation. In a discourse, Kumaravadi Sri Ramanujachariar pointed out that in the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna speaks of His devotees who are aware of His greatness, and worship Him at all times with hearts overflowing with love and devotion. These enlightened souls are wholly engrossed in Him, and gain strength, illumination and guidance from Him. They enlighten each other as they constantly exchange views about Him.

The Azhwars belong to such a category of devotees. They were so overwhelmed by the divine presence within them that they waxed eloquent about the ever new, ever enjoyable and never tiring experiences of the Lord in His various incarnations. They found in these exploits the most appealing of the Lord's qualities.

They approached Him from different perspectives - humble devotee, admiring follower, ardent seeker of liberation, committed friend, passionate lover, child longing for parental love and so on. But more astonishing has been the Lord's response for He has revealed Himself accordingly.

When reliving child Krishna's exploits in Gokulam, especially His love for butter that won for Him the reputation of a thief, the Azhwars remind the Jivatmas, who have forgotten their moorings. In our delusion we tend to think that this world, this body, and our worldly achievements and possessions belong to us, when we ourselves, and what we consider ours are all His rightful property.

The Lord as child Krishna allowed Himself to be tied by Yasodha, for could there be anyone who can bind Him, He who is ever elusive even to the most devout and most austere of sages?

Bhakti leads to enlightenment whereby ignorance is dispelled. Divine grace bestows an intuitive perception of the all-pervading power of the Lord, His omnipotence, omniscience and infinite mercy, when comprehending abstract truths becomes possible.