Office of the Development Commissioner: Handicrafts mela, Pandisamooha Matom, 10 a.m.

Government College of Fine Arts: `Gestures,' an exhibition of paintings, drawings and prints, 10 a.m.


Sri Mahadevar Temple, Thirunakkara: Festival day three - special pujas, cultural programmes.

Saintgits College of Engineering: National seminar on electronics `NC-VCom:07,' 10 a.m.

School of Gandhian Thought and Development Studies: International seminar on Satyagraha, Gandhi Bhavan, Priyadarshini Hills, 10 a.m.

Christian Agency for Rural Development (CARD): Exhibition of handicrafts produced by self-help groups, Juhanon Mar Thoma Hall, 10 a.m.

Federation of South India Producer Association: Arts and crafts fair, MM Town Hall, 10 a.m.