The Child and Students Rights Protection Welfare Society (CSRPWS) has appealed to judges and magistrates to implement Telugu in the subordinate courts, the magistrate courts, to begin with.

Society general secretary V. Satyanarayana in a press release here on Wednesday said that further to the resolution at the World Telugu Conference in Tirupati and the meetings held by the Andhra Pradesh Official Language Commission and the Andhra Pradesh State Legal Services Authority in Hyderabad and Vijayawada, the society applied to the State Public Information Officer-cum-Registrar (Judicial) under the RTI Act about the status of administration of justice in Telugu.

Mr. Satyanarayana said that a replay from the officer concerned said that “the High Court in principal agreed for implementation of Telugu in subordinate courts.” The implementation was, however, under the “active consideration” of the High Court.

He said that judges of the state legal services authority, who spoke in the meetings, urged the lawyers to use Telugu as much as possible, the judges to give their judgments in the language and the litigant public to request that Telugu language be used in the administration of justice.

The judges were of the impression that public demand was necessary for the implementation of Telugu in the administration of justice.

CSRPWS has appealed to judges and magistrates to implement Telugu in subordinate courts, magistrate courts, to begin with