The repercussions of Lord Rama’s single-handed victory over the formidable Khara’s demon retinue were felt in Ravana’s palace when Surpanakha brought it to his notice and instigated in him the desire to possess Sita.

Ravana masterminds a plan to abduct Sita and seeks Maricha’s help in this regard. Maricha displays the wisdom of a realised soul, when he advises Ravana not to cross Rama’s path. Though there may be many people who tender advice in a casual manner or at times just to please others due to peer pressure, good advice is hard to come by. Truer is the fact that even if one advises another sincerely, it may not be heeded, especially if it does not offer a quick and desirable solution to a problem.

That advice which is truly effective is likely to be in the manner of a curative medicine — bitter yet efficacious; but this may not be acceptable to many. This was precisely the predicament of Maricha when he was sought by Ravana to aid him in the abduction of Sita, said Kalyanapuram Sri Aravamudhachariar in a lecture. Ravana's plan is that Maricha should assume the form of a golden deer and capture Sita’s attention in such a way that she should urge Rama to get her the deer. When Rama decides to capture the deer Maricha should lead him further away from the hermitage. Maricha then should dissemble Rama's voice and call out frantically to distract Lakshmana from the hermitage. Maricha’s entire person trembled at this thought and he felt his end was imminent. He could not forget the valour of the 12-year-old Rama in the Tataka forest.

At that time, Subhahu was killed and Maricha now understands why he was spared. He has been living in the thought of Rama since then. Maricha is aware of the truth of Rama and pays glowing tributes to His commitment to dharma. He calls Him the very embodiment of dharma who upholds truth at all costs. Rama is as compassionate as a parent in dealing with enemies, says Maricha. He now realises the finality in Ravana’s desire and decides to acquiesce in so that he would die at Rama’s hands rather than be killed by Ravana anyway.