Saint composer Tyagaraja says in one of his compositions that chanting the name of Lord Siva will save us from rebirth, rid us of suffering and dispel fear from our minds. To get huge benefits in this world, a lot of work is required.

But unimaginable benefits will come our way with minimum exertion by simply chanting His name.

There are just two aksharas in the name, and yet how very potent the name is! Just reciting His name will get us boons undreamed of. Likewise, the name of Rama is short and sweet but is powerful, said S. Janakirama Bhagavatar in a discourse.

In this world, how we live, and not the wealth or the importance we have in society, is important. Even as we go about our day-to-day life, we must keep thinking of God. The more we think of Him, the more detached we become from worldly pulls and cease to desire anything, except moksha.

Innate qualities

Focusing on God is difficult because the mind tends to go astray. This is because of the innate qualities we all have, which keep us from realising Him.

In view of our inherited traits, it is a misnomer to say that anyone is an only child. How can a man be an only child, when he is born along with qualities such as krodha, kama and other such undesirable traits?

Humans are distinctive in this respect, for there is no end to their desires. Animals are content if their daily needs are met. But humans, owing to their inborn qualities, are never satisfied with what they have. The more they have, the more they want to possess.

In his composition in praise of Siva, Tyagaraja urges us to worship Him using bilva leaves. The important thing to remember is that whatever we offer Him, we have to do so with bhakti.

Given that our minds always tend to wander and refuse to remain focused on Him, we should start chanting His name and meditating on Him, from a young age. We could start off with a few minutes of meditation, and gradually increase the duration.

The more we meditate on Him, the closer we get to Him, and the closer we get to Him, the closer we get to liberation.