Dharma has no equivalent synonym. It implies the laws and disciplines pertaining to righteousness and is relevant to all times and all peoples. Its effects are manifest in the way people lead their lives. The Ramayana is extolled as the embodiment of the Vedas and Rama as the very essence of Dharma.

The Sundara Kanda captures nuances of rightful conduct, culture, political strategy, etc., vividly as Hanuman executes the task of a messenger of Rama to Sita whom he meets as a captive of Ravana in Lanka, said Keeranur Sri Ramamurthy in a lecture. Hanuman is dedicated to his work, is selfless, brave in the face of odds, achieving the impossible with sheer effort, presence of mind and total faith in Lord Rama.

Guessing her agitated mental state, he introduces himself to her as Rama's emissary with great tact. He speaks reassuring words to her who was contemplating to end her life. He is impressed by her courage and her devotion to Rama when she treats Ravana with disdain.

On seeing Sita Hanuman pays tribute to the divine couple who stand as an eternal symbol of conjugal harmony. They outshine each other in their love and loyalty to each other. Sita conveys the details of a very private incident that had happened to them in Chitrakut. Kakasura tried to outrage her modesty even as Lord Rama was resting on her lap. An enraged Rama aimed His arrow at the demon who ran from pillar to post and finally sought the Lord's pardon due to Sita's intervention.

Sita gives Hanuman her Chudamani as a token of remembrance to Rama. She reinforces her plight. Hanuman takes leave of her and decides to assess Ravana's strength. He plans a strategy to gain an audience with him and begins to destroy the garden in Lanka. He gets a chance to fight the demons who tried to stop his rampage. Finally, in the presence of Ravana, he does not mince words about Rama's valour as a true messenger should, and advises Ravana to release Sita. Ravana orders Hanuman to be killed. Vibhishana points out that killing a messenger is not the proper political code. Instead they set fire to Hanuman's tail but Hanuman remains unburnt due to Sita's grace.