The 10-day Dasara celebrations in Mysore City concluded on October 3 with the colourful State procession of the Mysore Governor, the former ruler of the old Mysore State, from the Palace to the Banni Mantap and back. People, including visitors from all parts of the country, standing six-deep on either side of the four-mile route in fine weather, witnessed the traditional procession. With the majestically caparisoned elephant carrying the Maharaja seated in the golden howdah, the procession left the Palace at the auspicious hour with all pomp and pageantry. It was preceded by cadets of the NCC and ACC, volunteers of the Seva Dal, contingents of the police and the military, chariots drawn by elephants and camels with the royal insignia and other paraphernalia. The Maharaja dressed in the traditional style was honoured at more than a hundred places en route by local citizens who offered him flowers.