This day that age (dated October 4, 1962)

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(dated October 4, 1962)
(dated October 4, 1962)

Status for English

Prime Minister Nehru, addressing a mammoth public meeting in New Delhi on October 3, declared in firm tones that the pledge given in Parliament to give English an associate status in the Constitution would be fulfilled whatever happened. He said that some people, who called themselves “lovers of Hindi,” had started agitations against giving English an associate status. Mr. Nehru said: “Let them be under no illusion. The pledge we gave on the floor of Parliament to the people of South India that nothing would be done against their wishes in the matter of English will be fulfilled. This is crystal clear.” The meeting was called by the Delhi Citizens Committee in connection with Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday to demand a ban on nuclear arms and to foster national integration.

Astronaut in orbit

Astronaut Walter Schirra Jr., who was rocketed into orbit on October 3 from the launching pad in Cape Canaveral, completed four circuits around earth and continued on into the fifth. As the 29-year old American Navy Commander passed over Cape Canaveral at the end of his first circuit, he reported he was feeling “really good” but sweating from a pressure suit that became too warm for comfort. (Before Schirra, two other American astronauts, John H. Glenn Jr. and Malcolm Scott Carpenter, had made successful sub-orbital flights.)

Research on leprosy

Mr. V. Ramaiah, Madras Minister for Works, pleaded for intensive research in leprosy treatment, while presiding over the anniversary celebrations of the State Branch of the Hind Kusht Nivaran Sangh at the Madras Medical College on September 29. He said foreign experts in the country could help in evolving more effective drugs and Madras State was ideal for research work.

Revised scholarship

Nearly 600 students from about 50 African, Asian, and Commonwealth countries will be benefited as a result of increase in the rate of scholarship with effect from September 1, 1962 granted by the Government of India. A scholar will now get Rs. 250 per month, instead of Rs. 200.



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