Bakshi Ghulam Mohammed, the Kashmir Premier, said in New Delhi on October 11, the recent events in Pakistan were “the clearest vindication yet”, of the stand taken by the National Conference 11 years ago when it decided that Kashmir should accede to India and continue to remain so. Bakshi Ghulam Mohammed said in an interview that this week’s developments in Pakistan had also proved that “it is not military pacts or military aid that can save a country but the system and the policies of its government.” Any impartial critic could see that Kashmir had progressed economically, and internally had gone ahead with her five-year plans and parliamentary system of government, he said, and added: “I am happy to-day as a Kashmiri and as an Indian, I am proud of the soundness of all our policies. While in New Delhi we are having an India 1958 exhibition, on the other side in Karachi there is Martial Law.” Bakshi Gulam Mohammed deprecated attempts being made by certain politicians in his State to re-open the question of integration.