Prime Minister Nehru has stressed the need for politicians and journalists to devote some leisurely thought to the problems that confront them in the modern world. Speaking at the annual luncheon given by the Indian Press Association in New Delhi on October 8, he said that in the modern age, when revolutionary and dynamic changes were taking place in all spheres, if human thinking alone remained static, there would be a tendency to apply solutions arrived at centuries ago to present-day problems. For instance, both capitalism and communism were children of the Industrial Revolution. Because they belonged to the same family they fought each other. But the capitalism of today was completely different from what it was two or three generations ago. It was another matter whether the capitalism of to-day was better or worse than it was when Marx wrote about it a hundred years ago, but there was no doubt that it was different and not the same. "If you criticised it in the same way a person criticised it a hundred years ago, you are criticising something which does not exist now and which existed a hundred years ago."