"Is the stairway leading to the top of the Qutab Minar in Delhi dark and dingy and has the Government any proposal to electrify it," Mr. B.D Pande asked in the Lok Sabha on November 21. The Deputy Education Minister, Dr. M.M. Das, had to face a volley of questions when he answered "no, sir." The Deputy Speaker, Mr. Hukum Singh, said that the passage was not only dark and dingy, but dirty also. Mr. Pande asked whether the Minister was aware that at the spot pickpockets plied their nefarious trade and women were molested. Dr Das denied that any complaint of molestation had been made. Several other members insisted that the passage was dark and asked why it could not be electrified. One member asked, "Has the Minister ever gone there?" Dr. Das replied that there was no proposal to electrify it. After all, it had remained like that for 750 years.