(dated November 20, 1962)

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(dated November 20, 1962)
(dated November 20, 1962)

Enemy gains in NEFA

In an unscheduled broadcast over All India Radio on November 19, Mr. Nehru said that fighting was still going on in Chushul area in Ladakh and that besides Walong in NEFA, Sela Pass and Bomdila had also fallen to the Chinese. In the Lohit frontier division, south of Walong, the forward elements of Indian troops continued to be in contact with the enemy. They are fighting back for every inch of the ground. In the Subansiri division, about 200 Chinese attacked one of the Indian patrols east of Taksing, 25 miles south-west of Longju as the crow flies. After inflicting casualties on the enemy, the Indian patrol returned to its base.

Arms from abroad

Mr. Nehru told the Rajya Sabha on November 19 that India was asking for “all the aid that we require” from friendly countries in fighting the Chinese invaders. “There is no inhibition about it and we propose to go on doing that,” he added. The Prime Minister described the situation as “not only a full-fledged war but a very difficult war for us because of various circumstances.” It was also “a kind of brutal and callous war. We are treating it as such and taking all steps to meet it”.

Dr. Niels Bohr dead

The Danish Professor, Dr. Niels Bohr, one of the world’s greatest atomic physicists – he helped produce the atom bomb after being smuggled out of Denmark during the Second World War – died in Copenhagen of coronary thrombosis on November 18 aged 77. Often described as “the father of modern physics,” Dr. Bohr worked at Manchester University with the British Physicist, Prof. Rutherford, in the early years of the century. He received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1922 for his work in investigating the structure of atoms and in 1936 proposed his theory of nuclear reaction. Dr. Bohr went to the United States in 1939 and worked on a theory of nuclear fission.

He was forced to flee Denmark in 1943, escaping to Sweden in a fishing boat. From there he was flown to Britain in the bomb-bay of a Mosquito bomber. During the flight he was unable to make his oxygen mask work – and was unconscious when the plane landed.



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