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(dated November 16, 1962)
(dated November 16, 1962)

Our troops attack

Indian defenders swung into action in the Lohit Frontier Division near the Burma border, a few miles north-west of Walong, when the strongest ever patrol party launched an attack on one of the Chinese-held positions in this area, on November 14. Our troops have not only stemmed the Chinese advance but seem to be taking action to clear the enemy hordes from the Indian soil. On November 13, the Chinese aggressors fired at one of the Indian positions with automatic weapons but there were no casualties on our side. This exchange also took place in the vicinity of Walong. In the Kameng division of NEFA (In Towang sector) too, our troops displayed initiative to prevent the Chinese from stabilising their ill-gotten gains.

Arms supply to India

Though American correspondents reporting from India have tended to give the impression that Mr. Nehru was being over-optimistic in expecting Moscow to go through with her promises, Administration circles in Washington do not quite share this disbelief. The U.S. view seems to be that in the context of the current Sino-Soviet relations, any military equipment sent from Russia to India will have symbolic value far surpassing its military worth.

Arms got from U.S.

The Indian Government have given formal assurances that the arms and military equipment they are receiving from the United States would be used only to repel Communist Chinese aggression. The Indian pledge was contained in an exchange of notes in Washington formalising the military assistance which the United States has airlifted to India to meet the threat of Chinese attacks on India’s border.

Second line of defence

As part of a four-fold scheme to strengthen the second line of defence, the Government of India have proposed to make N.C.C. training compulsory for all university students in the country. This was indicated in New Delhi on November 15 by both the Prime Minister and the Home Minister At present the N.C.C. covers 4.2 lakhs of students and an additional three lakhs are expected to be brought into its fold by the new proposal.



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