Nepal’s first elected Government headed by the Nepali Congress leader, Mr. B.P. Koirala, was sworn in by King Mahendra at a special durbar at the Royal Palace in Kathmandu on May 27. The King first read a proclamation dissolving the year-old Council of Ministers and simultaneously appointing Mr. Koirala as leader of the new regime. The proclamation said: “The new Government is appointed to ensure the full observance of the proclaimed constitution and lay the foundation of a democratic parliamentary system in Nepal as well as to uplift the standard of life in the kingdom.” The new Government has been formed under the present interim constitution. When the new constitution comes into force, on an appointed date and parliament is convened and the Upper House elected, the majority party, the Nepali Congress, will be recommissioned to form a Government. The interim constitution will be in force for about one and a half months.