Dr. Ida S. Scudder, founder of the Vellore Christian Medical College and Hospital, died at Kodaikannal on May 24. She was 90. Dr. Scudder, daughter of a medical missionary in South India, saw too much famine, poverty and disease, and decided to study medicine. She took her M.D. at Cornell University, U.S.A. in 1899 and headed back to India fortified with a $10,000 gift from a Manhattan banker. With the money she started a tiny clinic for women at Vellore, the next year. She established the Women's Medical School in Vellore in 1918 which later was reorganised and transformed into the Christian Medical College. The College was recognised and affiliated to the Madras University, on the occasion of the completion of fifty years of service in India by Dr. Scudder in 1950.

Dr. Scudder won the Elizabeth Blackwell citation of the New York Infirmary, as one of the five outstanding women doctors of 1952. Dr. Scudder was very popular among the patients who were moved by her love, kindness and self-less service.