Dr. U. Krishna Rao, Congress Party nominee, was elected Speaker of the Madras Legislative Assembly on April 30. He secured 148 votes, while Mr. M. Jagannathan, the other candidate nominated by the CRC party, secured 44 votes. Declaring the result of the election, Mr. B. Bhaktavatsalu Naidu, temporary Speaker, offered Dr. Krishna Rao his congratulations and called on him to occupy the Speaker's chair. Dr. Krishna Rao was ceremoniously led to the chair by Mr. C. Subramaniam, leader of the House, and the leader of the main Opposition group, Mr. V. K. Ramaswami Mudaliar, and he took his seat amidst cheers. The election of the Deputy Speaker then followed. Mr. B. Bhaktavatsalu Naidu, Congress nominee, being the only candidate in the field, was declared elected.