From the editorials:

The war against mosquitoes — strange as it is, and at first ridiculed, — is one of the notable modern contests. In 1897-98, Surgeon-Major Rose, then in the Indian Medical Service, traced the life-history of the malarial parasite in mosquitoes, showing how these insects convey malaria from man to man; and in 1900 Surgeons Reed, Carroli, Agramonte and Lazear, of the United States Army, proved that one species of mosquito – the stegomyia calopus – is the sole carrier of yellow fever. The discoveries have made tropical low-lands habitable. Mosquito regulations have driven malaria from the Philippines and the Panama Canal zone; and through similar measures Havana was reported in November, 1902, to have had no case of yellow fever for a year, although there were 1,244 cases, with 310 deaths, in 1900.