The 15th and last session of the first Parliament concluded on March 28 when the Lok Sabha adjourned sine die. Prime Minister Nehru, winding up the proceedings, dwelt at length on the significance of parliamentary democracy and said its success lay in a correct balance between the changes that were taking place and the maintenance of continuity. If there was no change there would be stagnation. But if there was no continuity there would be a tendency to get uprooted. "We have faced great problems during the past five years and solved many of them. But, many more remain to be solved. There is not going to be any end to the problems because problems are inevitable when you grow. It is only those who are stagnant that have no problems and if there are no problems, it is a sign of death. Only the dead have no problems - the living have problems. Problems grow and they have to be fought and overcome. It is a sign of growth of this nation that not only do we solve problems, but create new problems to be solved." The Prime Minister's remarks were greeted with thunderous applause by all sections of the House. The Speaker, Mr. Ananthasayanan Iyengar, thanked the members for the cooperation shown to him.