The high-power committee appointed by the Madras Government to make recommendations to make the Buckingham Canal and the Cooum river “tidy and clean” waterways has decided to suggest that the Madras Corporation be dissuaded from letting in sewage water into the waterways. The committee, which has already held a number of meetings, considered the results of the experiments carried out at the Poondi Research Station at its meeting last week. A spokesman of the committee told a representative of THE HINDU on March 11 that they had arrived at tentative conclusions and their report would be finalised in the next few meetings. The question of the arrangement to be made at the junction of the river with the sea for letting in water during high tide and for letting water from the water courses into the sea during low tide is receiving the attention of the committee. It appears that the committee has come to the conclusion that periodical dredging operations to deal with the oscillating currents is the only possible way in which this arrangement could be successfully put through. On account of this, it is stated, clean sea water in sufficient quantities would be going up and down the Cooum as well as the Buckingham Canal.