The United States on March 11 successfully launched a new space probe into orbit around the Sun, it was officially announced. The National Aeronautical and Space Administration announced in Washington that the 90-lb. “planet” had attained enough speed to escape the earth's pull and had gone into the orbit around the Sun. The 90-lb satellite was launched from the missile test centre in Cape Canaveral (Florida) in the first space probe of its type. If successful, the spherical, 26-inch payload will have a 295-day “year” in its endless journey around the sun and will send back radio signals from the record distance of 50 million miles out in space. The three stage Thor-Able rocket vehicle, which carried the baby “planet” aloft from Cape Canaveral, had to boost it to a speed of 25,200 miles an hour – seven miles a second – to escape the earth's gravitational pull.