Cement, indigenous or imported, will be sold at all railhead destinations in the country at a uniform price of Rs. 102-8 per ton with effect from July 1. To achieve this objective, the Government has announced State trading in cement. The announcement on June 26 came closely in the wake of the Commerce and Industry Minister, Mr. T.T. Krishnamachari's statement last week that the Government was thinking of introducing uniform or zonal prices for cement - imported or indigenous - in the country. The present price at which indigenous cement is available in the market is Rs. 90 per ton. This includes the margin for the dealers. The price of imported cement is Rs. 40 to Rs. 50 higher per ton. The proposed uniform price of Rs. 102-8 is higher than the present controlled price of Rs. 71 per ton paid to the producers. The difference between these prices would be used for two main purposes, namely, to cover the incidence of freight and to subsidise all imported cement and sell it at the uniform price. India at present produces about 4.5 million tons of cement per year.