The Ceylon Prime Minister, Mr. S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike, has accused the previous Government of Sir John Kotelawala of having destroyed important papers relating to internal public security and possibly those relating to British bases in the country. "With the exception of some documents that were found inside the crevices of the desk, all other papers relating to internal public security service were destroyed by the previous administration," he told his weekly press conference in Colombo on June 13. As for the British bases, he said, "as Prime Minister and Minister of Defence and External Affairs, I have not been able to discover any documents relating to the use of Trincomalee and Katunayake by the British or any conditions under which they are keeping them. There is not one scrap of paper available. This is extraordinary conduct on the part of the previous administration." Reacting to the charge, Mr. J.R. Jayawardene, a senior member of the Kotelawala Government, denied that the Government of which he was a member had destroyed any document relating to the bases. He said, "There was no document whatsoever in regard to these bases. After Independence (in 1948) we asked the British Government to continue looking after Trincomalee and Katunayake on our behalf. It was a verbal agreement. They were there and we asked them to carry on."