North Viet Nam has informed Britain and the Soviet Union that it is prepared to open a consultative conference with South Viet Nam "at a date in the first half of June 1956, to be chosen by the South Viet Nam authorities," to discuss the reunification of Viet Nam through free general elections. Hanoi Radio said on June 8 that the North Viet Nam Premier and Foreign Minister, Pham Van Dong, made this statement in a letter on June 4 to the Co-Chairmen (Britain and Russia) of the 1954 Geneva Conference on Indo-China. The letter was in reply to a message from the Co-Chairmen to the Governments of North and South Viet Nam on implementation of the Geneva Agreements which included provisions for free elections. Under the Agreements, elections were to be held this July to unify North and South Viet Nam, but South Viet Nam - which does not regard itself as bound by the agreements which it did not sign - has so far refused to discuss election arrangements with the North.