Sardar Gian Singh Rarewala, former Chief Minister of PEPSU and leader of the Akali-dominated Opposition in the State Legislative Assembly, met Maulana Abul Kalam Azad and the Congress President, Mr. U.N. Dhebar, in New Delhi on June 8 in pursuance of his move to bring the Akalis en masse into the Congress fold. Earlier, he met Prime Minister Nehru in this connection. Mr. Nehru told Mr. Rarewala that the doors of the Congress were open to all progressive elements who wanted to work in the national interest. After the talks, Sardar Rarewala told newsmen that the Congress leaders had welcomed the move, but there were some constitutional and organisational points which were to be clarified to give a practical shape to the move. Sardar Rarewala claimed that in this "great move" he had the support of the United Front (Opposition) Party in the PEPSU Assembly, and also the Executive of the State Riyasat Akali Dal. But Master Tara Singh, the supreme leader of the Akali Dal, is opposed to the move for dissolution of the Akali Party as a political body. Sardar Rarewala said he would try to the "logical end" to convince Master Tara Singh about the soundness of his proposal that under the present circumstances there was no need for the Sikhs to have a separate political party. He believed that the Akali Dal should now concentrate on social, educational and religious activities.