General De Gaulle informed Russia in a letter published on July 2 he considered that the true problem of disarmament was “that of the collective control by an international organ aimed at achieving the progressive elimination of stocks of nuclear arms and at the prohibition of any new manufacture of these arms.” General De Gaulle’s letter dated June 30, was addressed to Mr. Nikita Khrushchev in reply to a letter to the French Government from the Soviet Premier on June 11. A Foreign Ministry spokesman pointed out that the sense of the replies of the three Western Powers was the same but that since this was the first time General De Gaulle had had to deal with the matter in an official capacity he had wanted to define the problem as a whole from his point of view. General De Gaulle’s letter continued: “As long as our efforts are not directed in this sense, how do you think that my Government can accept fragmentary measures of which it is easy to see how they may interest some parties but run counter to the interest of other parties.”