Prime Minister Nehru has condemned the “language of threats and defiance and go-slow tactics” adopted by workers and warned that they could not hold up Government and the community and make them do something which they could not normally do. No Government worth its name would submit to such threats. The Prime Minister, who intervened in the debate in the Lok Sabha on July 19 on a non-official resolution, recommending the setting up of a Second Pay Commission to go into the pay structure and service conditions of Union Government employees, made a spirited defence of Government’s stand in the matter. He said he had no objection to any enquiry being made into the question of wages provided that enquiry took into consideration the economic conditions in the country, the needs of the Plan, etc. Stressing that the basic thing was to produce more, so that they could bring about economic revolution and lift the standards of the people, Mr. Nehru appealed to the country to make any sacrifices necessary for this.