Mr. T.T. Krishnamachari, Union Minister for Industries and Commerce, and Mr. A.P. Jain, Union Food Minister, who visited the cyclone-affected areas in the South, conferred with the Ministers of Madras State on January 2 about the extent of the rehabilitation work to be undertaken for the benefit of the affected persons. The two Ministers assured the State Government that full cooperation would be extended to them in all the measures they took to render aid to the people. They also expressed satisfaction at the way the Madras Government were tackling the problem and rushing succour to the suffering people. The conference was held in the room of the Chief Minister. Besides the Chief Minister, Mr. Kamaraj, Mr. M. Bhaktavatsalam, Minister for Agriculture, Mr. C. Subramaniam, Minister for Finance, Mr. S. Venkateswaran, Member, Board of Revenue, and Mr. T.A. Varghese, Finance Secretary, were present. In areas, where houses had been totally destroyed, the Union Ministers agreed with the view that construction of housing colonies should be expeditiously undertaken.