Prime Minister Nehru has made an impassioned appeal to the people to "understand and feel" the full importance of the unity and oneness of India. Addressing the Lok Sahayak Sena (National Volunteer Force) trainees at his residence in New Delhi, he said: "We must fully understand the unity of India. It is one thing to know in your mind that India is one country. But more essential than this is to realise and cherish it fully in your heart." Referring to the recent disturbances in Bombay, Cuttack and a few other places, he said heat and violence exhibited there showed that "we have not yet fully understood that we live in one country. The redistribution of States is being done for administrative convenience. If anyone did not agree with a particular decision, the disagreement should be expressed in a peaceful way. If any decision has been taken on the reorganisation of States, it is not to remain so for eternity. It can be changed later on. But what happened in Bombay and Cuttack and elsewhere shows an approach of utter stupidity to these questions. Such an approach harms India and may shatter its unity. This is an absolutely wrong approach.''