(From an editorial)

The resolution drafted by the Congress Steering Committee at Bangalore reflects the pain and surprise that India feels at the frontier violations by China which offer such a sombre contrast to the readiness for compromise and settlement that Pakistan has demonstrated with regard to our borders with her. The pain is but increased by the continuing unwillingness on China’s part to accept the very reasonable proposals put forward by our Prime Minister as a preliminary to peaceful negotiations. Instead, her spokesmen have delved into murky archives and tried to bring up some kind of record or other in support of her contentions. The hollowness of these contentions has been exposed time and again by Mr. Nehru and the Government of India who have now prepared a brochure which admirably sums up India’s position. The principal points that emerge from a study of this publication are that, contrary to Chinese assertions, the Sino-Indian border has been delimited, that it has won general acceptance, being based on treaty, agreement and custom, and that even the Chinese till recently had not challenged it. It is made crystal clear that the present controversy is purely of Chinese creation, the Peking Government claiming large areas of territory in a letter from Premier Chou En-Lai in September last and the tension in the frontier regions being accentuated by the Chinese forces pushing forward in recent months to back up this claim. This forward movement resulted in a bloody clash with Indian patrols and in the death of several Indians.