A demand for the relaxation of the Union Government's restrictions on the non-violent satyagraha campaign launched by the people for the liberation of Goa was made at a public meeting held in Poona on February 5 to honour the 29 Indian satyagrahis released recently from Goa. Mr. K.M. Jadhe, President of the Goa Vimochan Sahayak Samiti, who presided, said that if the Government relaxed the restrictions, thousands of Indian nationals would be prepared to participate in the struggle for Goa's freedom. Mr. N.G. Goray, one of the satyagrahis released, said the problem of Goa's freedom could not be solved if there was no identity of purpose between the people and the Government. If all avenues of a peaceful settlement were exhausted, the Government must use force to free Goa, he said.