Glowing tributes to the services rendered by Tippu Sultan to the country were paid by Prof. Humayun Kabir, Union Minister for Scientific Research and Cultural Affairs, while declaring open the Tippu Sultan museum at Srirangapatnam on December 25. Mr. B.D. Jatti, Mysore Chief Minister, presided. The museum is housed in the summer palace of the Dariya-Doulat Bagh and is intended to illustrate the life and rule of Tippu by means of contemporary relics. The exhibits include two portraits of Tippu as Prince and Sultan painted by contemporary European artists. Another large painting “Fate of Srirangapatnam” beautifully portrays the tragedy which took place on May 4, 1799. There are also on view sketches of Tippu’s sons, officers and contemporaries. The personal belongings of Tippu are also on show.