(dated December 14, 1962)

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(dated December 14, 1962)
(dated December 14, 1962)

Prohibition to stay

Prohibition would not be scrapped in Tamil Nad, Mr. K. Kamaraj, Chief Minister, said in Vellore. When his attention was drawn to the talk of scrapping of Prohibition in Andhra and Mysore States, Mr. Kamaraj replied that the only problem in Prohibition was its control. It could not be denied that there was illicit preparation of drinks, but on that score it need not be given up. The disadvantages in lifting Prohibition were more than the advantages. Referring to the claim that there would be an increase in the revenue to the State if Prohibition was abolished, he said revenue was not the only criterion that should be considered and even the revenue might not be as high as the people imagined. If Prohibition was lifted, he added, the people, who were hitherto accustomed to go to hotels, cinemas and on travel, would divert all their expenditure to drinking.

Mariner II to Venus

Mariner II now approaches its magic moment in space. The frail, bug-like explorer – seared by the nearness of the Sun – is ready for a first, close look at Venus. At 1-31 a.m. (IST) on Saturday, Mariner is to pass some 20,000 miles from Venus. For half an hour, its instruments will measure radio and heat radiation from below the dense clouds that hide the planet from sight. In a month or two, space scientists hope to have a more accurate idea of temperatures on the Venusian surface, to know better if any kind of life can exist there. It is a historic moment in man’s probing farther and farther into his solar system. Even now, a Soviet space probe is pushing towards Mars for a closer look at it.

Davidson to retire

A.K. Davidson, the great Australian all-rounder, has played in his last Sheffield Shield match in Adelaide. He announced that he was to retire at the end of the season after the current Australia-England series. His departure marks the break-up of Australia’s powerful Test combination, as Benaud, Mackay and Grout have already announced that after this season they would not be available for overseas tours. Davidson, now 33, was last week appointed to a high position with the foreign division of the Trade Service of the Commonwealth Bank



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