(dated December 13, 1962)

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(dated December 13, 1962)
(dated December 13, 1962)

Mass exodus to India

Over 800 people left Ceylon for India by the overland route, travelling cramped in over-crowded trains. This is perhaps a record exodus from the Island. This mass flight is in consequence of the severe restrictions on travel between India and Ceylon which comes into effect on December 15. After that date Ceylon citizens, including registered citizens of Indian origin, will not be able to travel to India without prior sanction from the Controller of Exchange. However, Indian nationals with Indian passports and residence visas will not be affected. A notification issued by the Controller of Exchange stated that railway tickets would not be available to Ceylon nationals after December 15 unless they were eligible for holiday travel. It further said that Ceylonese were eligible for travel abroad only once in seven years. The restriction on travel to India has been in force for the last two years in respect of air and sea travel. It is now being extended to train travel.

Goa’s merger

The U.N. Trusteeship Committee approved by implication the integration of Goa and other former Portuguese possessions into India. The Committee adopted a resolution which in its operative paragraphs, would, among other things, have the Assembly approve the report of the Special Committee on territories under Portuguese administration. The Committee noted that the former Portuguese Indian possessions had been “nationally united with India.” Portugal had said that such approval of the report would mean endorsement of the Indian action. Although Pakistan was a co-sponsor of the resolution with India, and 40 others, she entered a reservation on this particular paragraph, and in line with her anti-Indian policy she was the only country which agreed with Portugal.

Copper edition of Gita

“Bhagvad Gita”, inscribed on 150 handy copper plates weighing about a maund, will be presented to the President, Dr. Radhakrishnan. The sponsors of the “copper edition”, the All-India Manav Seva Sangh, wish it to be transferred to the Defence Minister, who according to them needed inspiration like Arjuna.



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