The Central Station, Southern Railway's terminal in Madras City, will be remodelled at a cost of Rs. 2.07 crores and work on the same will be taken up during 1957-58. It is expected that the work will take five years to be completed. This will be undertaken in order to cope with the present increased traffic which has considerably outgrown the capacity of this station. During the Second Five-Year Plan, there will be further increase in the traffic handled at the station. Another shortcoming at present is that the facilities available for repairs to the rolling stock are not satisfactory. It is proposed to extend the passenger platforms to hold 16 bogies. With the heavier-type of W.P. engines, which are used for the Grand Trunk Express, the Calcutta Mail and the Bangalore Mail and which can haul up to 14 bogies, longer platforms will be necessary. In addition to the present seven platforms, two more platforms will be provided to hold 16 bogies each. The existing covering over the platforms will be extended to the full length of the platforms. Flush-out latrines and bathing cubicles will be provided on every platform, as also water coolers and additional benches.