The Speaker, Mr. Ananthasayanam Ayyangar, asked the Railway Minister in the Lok Sabha on April 20 to place on the table of the House a statement from time to time as to which of the recommendations made by the Estimates Committee had been implemented. He gave this directive when members asked supplementaries on the various recommendations of the Committee regarding the Railway Ministry. The Deputy Minister for Railways, Mr. O.V. Alagesan, agreed to do so. Earlier, he told Dr. Gidwani that, so far as was known, the cooling of the third class compartments and the exclusion of dust in them could be satisfactorily achieved only by introducing air-conditioning. However, this problem had been referred to the Railway Research Centre. Three fully air-conditioned trains were under construction and it was proposed to run these trains from October next. Asked by a member whether a large number of newly-imported coaches were on the "sick-line," Mr. Alagesan said: "It is true that unfurnished shells that were imported had been kept on this line for want of adequate furnishing capacity. Many of them have now been furnished and put on the line and the rest will be furnished soon."