The counsel for Bitti Mohanty has said that the High Court would be approached after the jail authorities refused to release his client despite the High Court order relaxing the stringent conditions set by the Judicial First Class Magistrate Court at Payyannur last month. (Bitti Mohanty is a rape convict charged with jumping parole in Rajasthan).

Defence counsel Nicholas Joseph said the jail authorities on Thursday refused to release Bitti Mohanty, alias Raghav Rajan, citing a fax message from the Rajasthan police seeking his production there in connection with a case.

Bitti Mohanty, who was arrested from here on March 8 while working as ‘probationary officer’ in a public sector bank, was granted bail on November 6 with stringent conditions.

He was facing charges of impersonation and forgery.

Bond for Rs. 1 lakh

The Magistrate had ordered that the accused execute a bond for Rs. 1 lakh, with two sureties to the like amount. While one of the sureties should be a close relative of the accused, the other should have landed property in the State, the court had said. Mr. Joseph said the stringent conditions were relaxed by the High Court.

He had ‘completed an MBA’ from a college here after securing admission under a fake name, the prosecution had said. The accused continued to affirm that he was Raghav Rajan.

  • He was granted bail on November 6

  • Jail authorities refused to release him