Corporation Councillors who are members of the Finance and Taxation Committee have resisted attempts to have the zonal development funds reduced.

Sources in the Committee said that at the pre-budget meeting held on Thursday, a suggestion was made to reduce the funds from Rs. 5 crore to Rs. 4 crore given to the four zones for development works. The Committee members, however, rejected the suggestion and said the fund should continue to be Rs. 5 crore.

Each of the four zones of the Corporation gets Rs. 5 crore a year. The money is given to each ward, depending on the needs.

Congress party members in the Council have suggested that the Omni Bus Stand on Sathyamangalam Road be shifted to another location and the place should be used as bus stand for bus proceeding to Tirupur, Erode and Salem.

They have also said that the first floor of the building at the bus stand should be used as office space, metro railway system should be introduced in Coimbatore, biometric attendance system should be introduced in Corporation schools, LED bulbs should be used as street lights to conserve power and reduce power consumption charges, a multi-level parking space should be built and a reading room should be established in the city.

  • Each of the zones gets Rs. 5 crore a year
  • The money is given depending on the needs