It was to show us the way to reach God that Bhooma Devi came to the earth as Andal. She showed us that it is enough if we have love for Him, utter His name and surrender to Him; that will give us moksha.

We do not have to resort to any elaborate form of worship in order to attain moksha. Gnanis know that this life, and the ties that bind us to people in this life, are temporary.

When this life ends, what is the connection between us and the people we have called our relatives? Two sticks may come together when tossed about by a wave. But with the next wave, the sticks go their respective ways. So it is with human relationships.

People are brought together in a birth as husband, wife, father, mother, brother and sister. But when a person's life on the earth ends, does anyone know where next he will be born and as what? Given that these ties are but for one birth, why do we become attached to worldly ties? Gnanis, having realised this, keep their thoughts focused on Lord Narayana, said Akkarakkani Srinidhi.

Most of us seek only worldly pleasures. Our love for this life never ends, despite all the problems we face. Even if we live to a ripe old age, we are still anxious to prolong life. Such is the nature of worldly attractions that it is hard for us to want to leave this world.

But for those who do seek moksha, it is their ardent desire to make others too aware of the joy of seeking God. They want others to worship along with them.

In Andal's Thiruppavai , her prayers are not lonely supplications to God. She calls out to everyone to join Her in the quest for the Lord's feet.

How many of us do this, even assuming we are sincere devotees of the Lord? We may go to temples diligently, seeking nothing from Him but moksha. Yet, do we take others with us to the temple? We do not do it, hesitating to the bargain to go to the temple on a day when it is likely to be crowded. We want to have the luxury of worshipping alone. But that, Andal shows us, is not what we should do. We should be happy to be in the presence of other devotees.