The Hindu Crossword No. 9827

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1 Expect open crevice to be fixed up (11)

9 Announced hair gel for the American mammal (5)

10 Nice little number on cake (5,4)

11 Clean entertainment veils something concerning (5)

12 Rowdy behaviour is on us! Saucers damaged (11)

13 Ghostly pale alien leaves latchkey deformed (6)

14 Play with lid shaped like floating leaves (4,3)

18 One may be driven to this when frustrated (7)

20 Party in back street of Paris with a Greek nymph (6)

24 Distributes once more to find the old Spanish coins outside (11)

26 Not quite right when one gets dismissed by a bank (5)

27 Rodeo unit disaster is cleared up (6,3)

28 Planes? They are not odd (5)

29 Bill (owner) following booming sound finds a mythical creature (11)


1 Charge Greek character in retreat in Pakistan for a smoker's stand (4,4)

2 Urge Tesla to get rid of Charlie's attendants (9)

3 View forecast (7)

4 Upset at missing the first clue type in this puzzle (5)

5 Goddess sheltering old king sent back by some countrymen (8)

6 Mission student missing assembly in trouble (7)

7 Page in gloom, upset by queen (5)

8 Property of Bill that one may shell out a lot of money for (5)

15 Unusual ratio for one with a stronger reason (1,8)

16 Dessert Sumitra cooked contains iodine (8)

17 Broken bedsteads Democrat dropped revealed in the open (8)

19 Sits uncomfortably after salesman turns up for the stay (7)

21 Dim and corrupt national leader replaced by Republican (7)

22 Nut in Arizona surrounded by endless misery (5)

23 Reportedly understood direction to remain silent (5)

25 Alloy (duralumin) smuggled for the old U.S. comedian (5)



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