Chennai: When it is emphasised time and again that moksha is the goal to be sought, will anyone desire births? And if even ordinary mortals will not desire births, once they have proper knowledge about the nature of the atma and the way to reach the feet of Lord Narayana, will Andal, who gives us this knowledge in just 30 verses, desire births? The answer is obvious - She will not.

Yet, she says in the penultimate verse of Her Thiruppavai, that She wants to be born every time the Lord comes to this earth. This is not a prayer similar to the ones we make in our ignorance. Her prayer further shows the inseparability of the atma and the Supreme One. The relationship between the two cannot be severed, and that is what She is pointing out here. Moreover, She is the incarnation of Bhoo Devi, Goddess Earth. So She naturally wants to be with Her Consort all the time. Andal’s love for the Lord is beyond compare, said M.A. Venkatakrishnan in a discourse.

Andal’s love for the Lord is obvious in this verse. Should the Lord take avataras, and come to this earth, She wants to be around to sing His praise. Serving the Lord and making Him happy is the foremost desire of every devotee. If the Lord were to descend to the Earth, there should be someone to worship Him and serve Him, and Andal wants to be that loving, serving devotee. Can God- love go beyond this? She demonstrates through this verse that our love for Him should be boundless, as is His for us. He is the ‘antaryamin’ for everyone of us, but we must know it. And knowing it, we must adore Him, and sing of His auspiciousness and His glories.

There can be no greater happiness for God than to have loving devotees who can think of nothing but the Lord, who care for nothing, but serving Him, to whom even moksha seems insignificant, if He were to appear on this earth. Where He is, that is where they want to be. If He were to come to this Earth, they want to be at hand, to enjoy His deeds on this earth, and to sing of them. That is the desire that Andal expresses. It is a desire born of Her unparalleled love for the Lord.