The Hindu Crossword 9443

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 1 Get support to regain possession (4,4)

 5 Repeat glibly saints’ first set of beliefs (6)

 9 Showing clemency, allow nine to dance inside (7)

10 Stumbles with female changes (7)

11 Without warning, everyone’s agreed about the leader of crooks (3,2,4)

12 Pearly substance retrieved from gangster can be seen here (5)

13 Japanese box is in the main room (4)

14 In a way it’s a match to a wheezer (9)

17 Discuss how it’s tied up around a sailor (3,6)

19 Prepare for takeoff? (4)

23 Farm in a Jharkhand district unfinished (5)

24 Overturned Victoria’s head queen by having busted characters around (9)

25 Harangues about artist involved in movements (7)

26 Old leader of Tamils greeting tragic hero (7)

27 Due for a drop-off? (6)

28 Woman newspaper boss at end of espionage rather tired about secret service (8)


 1 Fibbed to a number and ailed miserably (4,1,3)

 2 More benevolent about learner, one who ignites (7)

 3 Suspicion that enginner is hidden in an English town (6)

 4 What one would do when one gets no profits (3,4,6)

 6 An article of everyday use (8)

 7 Refutations by the Spanish and Oriental on sculpted chin (7)

 8 Frustrated princess stands on farm building (6)

10 What the human body is endowed with (5,3,5)

15 When a dhobi has done his job, deprived of energy (6-2)

16 These swine in motorcars may run one down (4,4)

18 Moving train picks up a couple of Orientals in English course (7)

20 Brown comes up with a story for the lady (7)

21 Good, instrument is put up for free (6)

22 Extreme horde dispersed on edge of town (3-3)



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