Nehru on China

Prime Minister Nehru, addressing the West Bengal Congress legislators in Calcutta on July 29, said he had asked Mr. V.K. Krishna Menon, Defence Minister, who was in Geneva recently to sign the agreement on Laos, to meet Mr. Chen Yi, the Chinese Foreign Minister, and tell him that the Chinese were misbehaving in Ladakh and this would lead to serious consequences. Mr. Nehru added: “Naturally the Chinese Minister defended their position. But our case has been put strongly. Nobody can however be sure of the intentions of China. The best way to face the situation is to industrialise our country and be prepared to meet any situation.”

Mr. Nehru said the Chinese episode in Ladakh had distressed him.

However, India’s policy is to continue to hold what they had and strengthen their position.

Wastage must be avoided

The President, Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, addressing the trainees of the Staff Training College of the State Bank of India, in Hyderabad on July 29, said they must avoid wastage and inefficiency as our country had limited resources and they depended a “great deal” on foreign aid for the development of the country. They should look upon them as a sacred trust. Every pie they got came by the sweat and toil of ordinary persons and workers.

He said those who were in charge must have a consciousness of the way in which the resources were spent.

Stressing on integrity and honesty, the President said: “Integrity, honesty and spirit of co-operation are more essential than even intellectual skill and competence. This country is not lacking in ability talent and intellectual power. We must have both intellectual competence and integrity and honesty.”

Tamil film in Polish

The Tamil film, ‘Konjum Salangai,’ produced and directed by Mr. M.V. Raman, will be dubbed in Polish for exhibition in Poland. This will be the first Tamil picture to go to that country. The well-known leading South Indian artistes Gemini Ganesan and Savithri and the Bharathanatyam exponent, Kamala Laxman, are playing the leading roles.