The Hindu Crossword 9459

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 1 Harbours a revolutionary doctor (cheat) besieged by misfortune (11)

 9 Who leads an anarchy resulting from one Pole getting rid of another with a trap (2,3)

10 Integral compound of lawrencium doesn’t contain tungsten (9)

11 Case result (5)

12 Animal found on newly laid thin rail around Gujarat forest (7,4)

13 Father went back inside the garden building and did some potter’s work (6)

14 Chinese bears circle the unknown rulers (7)

18 Number of old Asian tribal doctor in the outskirts of Edlabad (7)

20 Part of face revealed by damaged chinstrap (not at suggested retail price) (6)

24 Ocean liner model not found at coastal attraction in 2 Dn (5,6)

26 Flag a vehicle for concealing the tequila plant (5)

27 After breaking up the stir, inn in-charge finds the native (9)

28 Squares up with the First Lady’s bridge partners (5)

29 Bird removed deal management (7,4)


 1 Confession topic brought up in craft by saint (8)

 2 Mail unusually wrapped by worker returning from the French state (5,4)

 3 Lowly work putting 50 in place of 100 (7)

 4 Practice exercises (without headgear) for the muscles (5)

 5 Everyone in Pennsylvania and Virginia (South) has rulers (8)

 6 Recorded that the drunk teen and the German went up (7)

 7 Tug at the loom (5)

 8 A spacious necessity in the avoiding process (5)

15 Toss pasta into the Italian appetiser (9)

16 Extermination gone wrong: Team report (8)

17 Smart Alec gives telegram containing points for the bill (8)

19 It is rot to turn off censored Polish website (7)

21 Letters from Kramer in Detroit are in this language (7)

22 Understood the speaker’s musical direction (5)

23 Commotion results when a follower takes off the learner tag (5)

25 Do more than what is expected by travelling this mile (5)



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