9Battalion overly engrossed in strategy (7)

10Brazilian city in South-East America is important (7)

11Bandage is a despicable covering (5)

12Bottleneck before tramp to thumb a ride (5-4)

13Bar magistrate and another official (4,5)

14Beaten path in the woods to follow (5)

15Bulb one lit around a foyer (7)

17Ballet performer under a special training (7)

19By the sound of it pasta is only a cent (5)

20Band overcoming final hesitation to give a performance (9)

22Burial chamber in Seoul, a building wrapped in silence (9)

24Balance from both sides (5)

25Buggy code with odd behaviour (7)

26Bauble made by silly knitter (7)


1Biblical dozen with a job peeling flesh (8)

2Budget speech presented with capital deficit (6)

3Bees' produce befitting a queen, gelatin perhaps (5,5)

4Broken tooth end is sharp (2,3,3)

5Bloodsucker, from the outset, selects prey (6)

6Bridge and rummy, casual hobbies primarily (4)

7Bully at mid-on sledged England's opener (8)

8Bargain from a street deal, 500 less (1,5)

14Beef cut redolent in cooking (10)

16Broadcast in Oz under a new name (8)

17Blow up device; it may end in ruins (8)

18Badge of royalty changing hands in accordance with law (8)

19Balm for shock prof regularly prepared (6)

20Bleary-eyed man in card game lost one million (6)

21Bring up bill, one grand, for in charge (6)

23Blades trim rough edges (4)