The Dalai Lama, now in flight, is seriously ill, according to reports current in Kalimpong on March 29. It is stated that four of the six members of his Cabinet now dissolved by the Chinese are moving with the Dalai Lama through areas controlled by Khampa rebels. They are reported to be heading east apparently finding the south completely sealed. The fugitives’ progress is handicapped by the Dalai Lama’s illness stated to have been caused by a fall from a hill. Heavy fighting of a sporadic nature has been reported from Lhaggiar Dzong, Kaam, where the rebel commander, Gonpo Tashi, has set up his headquarters. These fights, the reports say, are intended to cover the escape of the Dalai Lama. His initial flight took him almost due south for four days from Lhasa. Later, as the Tibetan rebels who were carrying him off found it became impossible to break through Chinese security rings and cross either into India or Nepal, they headed eastward with the Dalai Lama.