The Hindu Crossword 9476

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1 Eagerness for a huge amount of money to write endlessly on end to magnanimity (8)

5 Short preliminary event leads to women and lovers kicking under pressure (6)

10 Objected to Rogan bending to the newspaper boss … (7)

11 … and wandering off to Zambia for material (7)

12 Finding artist is at home results in a fruity experience (6)

13 Finding he’s in a low resort can be sticky (8)

15 They may be expected to be monkeying around (4)

16 It causes merriment to female Indian cartoonist on stormy night (5,5)

18 Can manage to discipline a plebe catching sickly coot (4,2,4)

20 Limits blurring in sacred Israeli town (4)

23 Bird with sex appeal in limits of Erukkancherry gives long time (8)

24 Somewhat mute about princess being lost in weariness (6)

26 Saying it’s end of time to two animals (7)

27 Persistently question relative about vegetable (7)

28 Bound you once with fabric (3-3)

29 Blogs, perhaps, on dismantled stop-sign (8)


1 One schooled in this may not show indignation all too quickly (5,10)

2 Pulverise some at one go! (7)

3 Indian queen and daughter trapping leading corrupter is spoiled (6)

4 Orderly one dead in the limits of Trichy (4)

6 Excellent! Greet vigorously one going in feathers (8)

7 The last of fisherfolk working on one tub hauled up the raft (3-4)

8 These are signed to end hostilities (5,10)

9 Hundred used pictures in spells of winter weather (4,5)

14 Interval for an intake (5-4)

17 Straying away to fish (8)

19 General and boy close to home where there is tranquillity (3-4)

21 Smart to see fowl (7)

22 The man comes ahead of the setter in light head covering (6)

25 Turn, please turn over till (2,2)



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