India's satisfaction and cautious optimism over the achievements of last year in the domestic and international affairs was expressed by the President, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, who outlined the work before Parliament's Budget session in his address to the joint session of the two Houses on February 15. More than half of the speech was devoted to foreign affairs where the details referred to and the sentiments expressed ran on exactly the same lines as the resolution on international affairs adopted by the recent Amritsar Congress. The President referred to Goa and said: "My Government deeply regret the reference made by the US Secretary of State to the Portuguese conquests abroad as `provinces' of Portugal, and the further implication that they are an integral part of the country of Portugal itself." The President made an appeal to the two co-chairmen of the Geneva conference and other powers involved to use their best efforts not merely to maintain the armistice in Viet Nam and Laos, but to further real political settlements in the interest of stability of peace in Asia.