Extravagance and waste in China's construction projects were criticised by the Finance Minister, Mr. Li Hsien-nien, in his address at a new session of the National People's Congress - China's legislative body - on June 15. Chairman Mao Tse-tung was given a three-minute standing ovation by 1,025 delegates from all parts of China at the opening of the session in Peking's ancient-walled imperial city. After the opening preliminaries, delegates heard a 90-minute speech from the Finance Minister who warned that China must not sacrifice quality, economy and safety in production by a one-sided emphasis on speed and quantity. Mr. Li announced the final State accounts for 1955 and a budget for 1956 and gave a general plan on how it should be implemented. He said China "must fight conservatism but must also oppose the tendency of impatient risk which has appeared in many departments and places during the past few months." The national anthem was followed by the unanimous election of the 89-man Presidium and the adoption of the agenda.